• September 2023
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Punto Tela: Wholesale of fabrics by lenght

Punto Tela, a textile company with over 25 years of experience, launches its online store and embarks on its digital venture with specific requirements for the wholesale textile industry. With the goal of developing its online store and integrating unique functionalities, we aim to achieve a striking design and an efficient user experience.

by Luciano Mobilia

Punto Tela: Wholesale of fabrics by lenght

The Story

Punto Tela isa textile company with over 25 years in the industry, dedicated to retail and wholesale of a wide variety of fabrics for the fashion and home industries.

Until recently, the brand had no online presence. However, as we all know, the world is becoming increasingly digital. That's why they decided to make the leap to e-commerce and called us to help them with this project.

This was our exciting challenge: to take Punto Tela into the digital world by creating their first online store. Let us tell you how we did it!

Visit the store: https://puntotela.com/

The Challenges and Requirements

  • Optimize the original store design and make it adaptable to any device, enhancing site navigation.
  • Achieve an attractive and efficient shopping experience.
  • Develop custom functionalities for the store, such as price ranges for each product based on the quantity of meters or kilograms added to the shopping cart.
  • Integrate the external systems that Punto Tela relies on for its day-to-day operations with the new Shopify online store.

Punto Tela: Wholesale of fabrics by lenght

The Solution

Punto Tela's decision to rely on Shopify as the platform was the starting point of the project, in which we based to define the action plan. By creating the online store on Shopify, we rid ourselves of hosting issues, servers, maintenance, and updates, allowing us to focus on what truly mattered for this project:

  • Research on competition and design trends.
  • Designing the user experience (UX) for this type of wholesale sales.
  • Development of a custom Shopify theme, optimized for any device.
  • Site speed improvement plan.

We quickly implemented improvements to the original design, optimizing all sections and pages of the store, focusing on a more user-friendly design, aligned with the brand identity, and with noticeable improvements in accessibility.

We also achieved image and multimedia optimization, adapted navigation with a more intuitive approach, and product and collection categorization to enhance information organization.

Punto Tela: Wholesale of fabrics by lenght

Do you need a customized solution tailored to your needs?

Creating a custom development may not always be the first solution for a migration or optimization project of an online store on the Shopify ecosystem. However, the final result of this project was a total success, achieving an incredible design and unique functionalities for this type of business.

It's important to achieve a solid store design that stands out and integrates with the brand's identity, and to eliminate pain points for potential customers through integrations with the management software they use. This ensures the business can scale without having to repeat processes or constantly seek solutions to problems.

Written by

Luciano Mobilia

Project Manager. Enjoys mountains and listening to music. Enthusiastic about trying digital products and improving workflows. Writes about eCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and everything in between.

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