• October 2023
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Springwall: From Design to Code, a Constant Evolution

We work alongside Springwall in the development of their online store, considering the complexities of their business and integrations with their system. Assessing everything from the development and setup of the online store to the evolutionary support that continuously adds value to e-commerce, we accompany their digital deployment and targeted growth.

by Luciano Mobilia

Springwall: From Design to Code, a Constant Evolution

The Story

Springwall is a historic company in Argentina, dedicated to improving the sleep quality of its customers for over 105 years, offering products such as mattresses, box springs, and more. We collaborated closely to create their online store, developing it to achieve their digital goals.

We were entrusted with the project of their digital transformation, creating their first online store as a new sales channel, while respecting the brand's history and legacy. We integrated all their management and organizational systems, aiming to quickly incorporate online sales into their business verticals.

The Challenges and Requirements

  • Implementing and bringing the design they provided for their online store to life, with the capability to incorporate unique filters for the unique products they sell.
  • Incorporating custom and tailor-made sections, such as a blog or product registration for exclusive warranty benefits, among others.
  • Integrating all the external management and financial systems that Springwall uses in their business with the new online store.

Springwall: From Design to Code, a Constant Evolution

The Solution

We worked hand in hand with Springwall's design and marketing team to bring to life an exclusive store that highlights the brand's century-old history and has all the functionalities that the business deserves and needs:

  • Within the online store, we created dedicated pages to Springwall and its culture, where they share content on their Blog, explain the environmental impact of their production and products, offer rest tips to their customers, and collaborate with the brand's influencers.
  • Synchronization with all business verticals, allowing different teams in wholesale sales, franchises, and hotels to develop their sales channels.
  • Development of a responsive online store adapted for any device and optimized for SEO.

Working with the Springwall team was an enriching experience for us, and with their support and dedication to the project, we were able to develop an efficient, intuitive online store with tremendous growth potential for the company.

Growth Team and the Custom Support

With the fine-tuning and launch of the online store, Springwall encountered new challenges in managing this new sales channel.

From automations and tailored changes for special events like CyberMonday or HotSale, scheduled design updates, and enhancements to user experience-focused sections, to new integration capabilities and information management with third-party platforms that are crucial to the client's business, we worked month by month, programming improvements and carrying out iterations in the store to enhance performance and customer retention.

Springwall: From Design to Code, a Constant Evolution

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